The Way of the Rich

The Way of the Rich is a must-read book about the wealthy that can change your life!

Learn how to reset your financial lifestyle, accumulate wealth and make your dreams a reality.

Based on the experiences of rich people past and present, and written in practical terms, you will find out how easy it is for you to attain financial freedom right now. With insight given on how to think, act and live like the richest people in the world, this book gives powerful information and insights about:

  • The greatest secrets to getting and staying rich;
  • How to create and achieve the goal of having more time and financial freedom;
  • Helping you discover your passion, find your calling and live your dreams;
  • Learn an insider’s view of how the wealthy think and behave.

Discover what some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Sara Blakely, Bill Gates, Jay Z and millionaires next door have learned. The Way of the Rich delivers big results for anyone desiring to become more successful and rich.




“I am proud to call Tommy Runfola my friend and fellow business coach. Tommy’s ‘Rags-to-Riches – Multi-Millionaire by age 30’ story is inspiring and captivating! This book is a must-read motivator for every aspiring businessperson, entrepreneur and business coach in the world!”
–Karl B., Leader Publishing Worldwide, “No Results-No Fee”

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–Emmet A., Columbus, Ohio

The Way of the Rich is full of eye-opening insights on how to understand the mindset of America’s greatest achievers. Tommy shows us step-by-step ways to help become our best self and ignite our greatest dreams.”
–Bob A., Dublin, Ohio

The Way of the Rich helped me think bigger and double my revenue within 6 months!”
–Larry L., Phoenix, Arizona

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–Jenny M., Sarasota, Florida

“As a female entrepreneur in my early 30’s, the REAL-LIFE coaching really spoke to me + motivated me to keep going!”
–Jessica B., Seattle, Washington

“I’ve been watching Tommy’s videos and first off let me just say WOW!! Tommy comes across as strong, confident, and trustworthy. Lots of power! I really enjoy his messages – they are uplifting & motivating!”
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“After reading The Way of the Rich, I know I can make millions just like the stories in this book. Thank you Tommy, this book is a masterpiece!”
–Christopher C., Amazon Reviewer, Barcelona, Spain


If I had to reduce into a few words the secret to success I would say, “Whatever we think about controls our outcomes.”

The famous journalist and radio personality Earl Nightingale wrote a book many years ago called The Strangest Secret. In that book Nightingale penned these famous words: “You become what you think about!” That sentiment has been said many times throughout the ages, from Author James Allen in his book, As a Man Thinketh, to King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs where he captured the thought this way: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

It is an unassailable truth, you do become what you think about. If you think of yourself as downcast, hopeless and helpless, that’s what life will give you back. On the other hand, if you think of yourself as prosperous, smart, engaging, and creative, then guess what? That’s exactly what you will be. The way you think is the blueprint for what you become, what you believe, and what you achieve.

So think about what you want in life. If you want wealth and success, great loving relationships, abundance and prosperity in every area of your life, just think about it and the marvelous computer in your head — your brain — will show you how to achieve it. Remember that you are the master; not the slave. You direct the orchestra, and it plays the tune you direct.