About Tommy

The son of immigrants, Tommy Runfola was born into very humble circumstances in Pittsburgh, Pa. Tommy has had a deep & personal experience with this FATAL DISEASE CALLED DOUBT. An athlete and boxer in his youth, he still possesses the heart of a fighter & has made it his passionate mission in life to help 10 million people overcome the “elephant in the room” – SELF-DOUBT. Tommy’s programs, seminars, speeches, and inspiration have made him one of the most in-demand speakers and seminar leaders in the country on the subject of DOUBT.

Tommy is the host of the nationally syndicated CNBC Radio Show Makin’ It, Co-Founder + President of 21 Productions Studios and Tommy Runfola Personal Development.

He is a Technology Company Founder and CEO, he FOUNDED AND SOLD ONE OF THE LARGEST PRIVATE SCHOOL CHAINS IN AMERICA IN 2015, he’s an investor and has bought and sold multi-millions worth of businesses and became a Rags to Riches Millionaire by age 30. Tommy was a 2004-05 National Entrepreneur of the Year nominee.

Tommy has the fastest growing personal development radio show in America.  He was featured on CNN, NBC & FOX TV and in Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.  He has 35 years plus entrepreneurial experience in the technology, education, consumer products and media industry and has worked with 5 U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents.  Tommy is actively involved as a board member and contributor for several non-profit organizations.  Runfola is a former ABI boxing title holder. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Trinity University.

Discover what some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Sara Blakely, Bill Gates, Jay Z and millionaires next door have learned.  Growing up poor in an 800-sq-ft house in lower class Pittsburgh, Tommy always had an interest in becoming wealthy, changing his life, and resetting his financial lifestyle for the rest of his life.  Tommy found that being under the guidance of several great millionaire mentors was the key to success as he became a millionaire by age 30. Based on his experiences with rich people past and present, Tommy has written this book, The Way of the Rich, and created The 7 Simple Keys to MEGA WEALTH Kit, which empowers entrepreneurs and success seekers to experience their greatest dreams and live a lifestyle of UNLEASHED WEALTH + INDEPENDENCE.

In addition to Tommy’s hit radio show, he also hosts the renowned podcast, Tommy Talks, has TENS OF THOUSANDS of subscribers to his Monday “2 with Tommy ” Stories, along with his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel – Tommy TV.

Tommy’s mission is to change 10 million lives, helping people TACKLE DOUBT + GAIN THE CONFIDENCE NEEDED TO SUCCEED:

  2. The greatest secrets to getting and staying rich;
  3. How to create and achieve the goal of time and financial freedom;
  4. Helping you discover your passion and calling and live your dreams;
  5. Show you an insider’s view of how the wealthy think and behave.

Tommy essentially teaches you how to TACKLE doubt and succeed in business, finance, sports, relationships + life!

More about Tommy

Tommy was featured on CNN, NBC, & FOX TV and in Time Magazine, Judicature, Wall Street Journal, PC Week, Business First & Small Business News.  He has 35 years plus entrepreneurial experience in the technology, education, consumer products and legal support services industry.

He is a leader in adopting and developing cutting edge legal technology and has developed several education apps in addition to being “The President’s Choice” having personally worked with 5 U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Tommy was a former Concert Promoter, has worked in over 40 US States and in over 20 Foreign Countries, has served on the Board of Directors, and was a stockholder and a founding member of a Television Network.

His speaking engagements include Auburn University, Penn State University, Ohio State University, Capital University, Kent State University, Ball State University, University of Hawaii, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Insurance Company, The American Bar Association, The National Judicial College, 12 State Legislatures and Supreme Courts, The Federal Judicial Center, along with numerous other appearances in the United States, Canada, Russia and the Ukraine.

Tommy has received a commendation from the General Assembly of the State of Ohio House of Representatives for, “Outstanding professional accomplishments and as being one of Ohio’s most dynamic and energetic citizens.” Runfola is a former high school football standout and Golden Gloves Boxing Champion.